Amazing Spider-Man #687

by lucstclair on June 16, 2012

The final explosive chapter of Ends of the Earth is here! It’s Spider-Man’s final showdown with Doc Ock, but he’ll have to go through the mind controlled Avengers to do it. Featuring Black Widow, Silver Sable, Mysterio & The Rhino.


The Pros

Now this isn’t a spoiler in any shape or form, but you don’t have to be a genius to know that Spider-Man saves the day, if you’ve read enough Spider-Man comics like I did, than you know how it works. You also know that misery loves Spider-Man, who over the years has had his share of tragedies & casualties (Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, Flash Thompson etc…) and this issue is no different. This issue wraps up an exciting story arc, from Spider-Man donning a new anti-Sinister Six armour, globe-trotting the planet, fighting against & along side the Avengers and eventually saving the world with the assistance of Black Widow, Silver Sable & the scientists of Horizon Labs. This issue and series was written by Dan Slott who has proven once again that he has the chops to give this wonderful title the treatment it deserves. This issue was illustrated by Stefano Caselli who illustrated most of the EOTE series (except issue 684 & 685), I’ve grown accustomed to his drawings and I hope he’ll stay on board for a while.


The Cons

My only minor complaint is despite having a few engrossing twists & turns, the ending was very predictable. But I know what to expect when engaging in a Spider-Man story arc.


The Outcome

All in all it was still a very enjoyable series and I strongly recommend it to any Spider-Man fan. If you missed out on this series, hunting for the back issues is sometimes difficult, so maybe wait for the trade when it comes out, it makes a nice gift, all packaged neat & tight. This entire story arc gets a 4 star rating. From Marvel Comics.


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