Scarlet Spider #6

by lucstclair on June 14, 2012

As Houston worships the Scarlet Spider as one of their own, Kaine visits his would be love interest Annabelle performing with her band at a live show. Out of the blue and into the crowd, Ana Kravinoff returns to raise some hell for Kaine in a fight that literally sparks an inferno.


The Pros

Another fine issue from Chris Yost & Ryan Stegman. Kaine seems to be adjusting to the whole super hero thing, citizens respect him & bad guys fear him. Unlike Spider-Man with his wisecracks & clean cut image, Kaine is more ferocious, fights dirty, uses colourful language, has a wicked tattoo & is a total bad-ass! The mystery surrounding Aracely deepens as there is more to this girl than meets the eye. Kraven The Hunter’s daughter (I didn’t even know he had a daughter) and Kaine have a vicious & bloody brawl as the church burns to the ground. Also this issue has 4 epilogues towards the end, they won’t blow your mind, but it will definitely make things interesting for our crimson crusader for future issues. After Ryan Stegman’s absence from the last issue, he finally returns in top form this month. That’s the good news. The bad news is below.


The Cons

Sadly, the bad news is this is Ryan Stegman’s final issue, he’s off to greener pastures as regular artist for the Fantastic Four. Although he will be missed, I wish him great success with the FF. He was a big part of the reason that made this title the great comic that it is, with his wild & in-your-face illustrations that caught my eye when the first issue hit the shelves at my favourite comic book shop.


The Outcome

This wraps up Ryan Stegman’s incredible run on Scarlet Spider and I had a blast with every issue. From one red super hero to another, Khoi Pham & Tom Palmer from Daredevil take over the pencilling duties starting with issue #7. See you in thirty. From Marvel Comics.

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