Green Lantern #10

by lucstclair on June 13, 2012

On the planet Nok, the members of the Indigo Tribe are released from their rings and they’re out for Green Lantern blood. Plus: what is the fate of Black Hand?


The Pros

This is pure Green Lantern gold as Sinestro proves he can still kick some alien ass without his ring. The strange friendship between Hal & Sinestro is put to the test as Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke conclude their amazing Secret of the Indigo Tribe story arc on DC’s famous super hero. Plus: this issue has a very awesome, but obvious ending for a character.


The Cons

I won’t spoil it, but after all the trouble & misery that Sinestro has afflicted on Hal Jordan since the beginning of the Green Lantern comics, you’d think that Hal wouldn’t do what he did in this issue. I just didn’t buy it.


The Outcome

After Batman, Green Lantern is my favourite DC The New 52 title. Although DC & Geoff Johns never officially announced it & the way the Guardians are scheming, I think another major Green Lantern event is coming out in 2012. Fingers crossed. This entire story arc gets a rating of 4 stars.

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A Look Inside


loafandjug's picture

I was pretty close to dropping this title at the beginning of this story arc. It feels like rehashed Blackest Night, and of course this ending would make me re-think that idea.