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B.P.R.D. King Of Fear (TPB)

by lucstclair on June 02, 2012

After the events of The Black Goddess, Liz Sherman returns to the bureau and is eager to get back in the field. Their destination is the Ural Mountains, high above the arctic circle, where they’ll confront the King of Fear. But instead they will encounter an old foe thought long dead and the end result will have some members of the B.P.R.D. in front of U.N. ambassadors for a thorough debriefing. Plus: Dr. Corrigan and her companion Bruno travel to Hunt Castle, Austria to deliver the spirit of Lobster Johnson, who has trapped the ectoplasm of Johann Kraus in himself. They hope that the spirit of Lobster Johnson will finally rest and in doing so, freeing Johann.


This is just the way I like a good B.P.R.D. story, with plenty of powerful beings, gigantic monsters & a little bit of mystery. The main story has some major character development, especially with Liz Sherman. The secondary story involves Lobster Johnson, now even though I’m not a fan of this character, the outcome of his journey felt right. Revisiting Hunt Castle was a nice trip down memory lane for the characters & the readers. Regular illustrator Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theatre) has truly found his niche with this series, when I think B.P.R.D. I think Guy Davis. This book delivered in spades and is a must for any fan. Written by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi. Originally published as B.P.R.D. King Of Fear #1 - #5. From Dark Horse Comics.

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