Incredible Hulk #8

by lucstclair on June 02, 2012

“Stay Angry part 1” The Hulk wakes up in Mexico in a hotel room fighting rabid man-dogs (I’m not even kidding) and teaming up with the Punisher of all people, to stop a drug cartel. Did Banner truly die in the gamma blast?


A new story arc begins from Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon, the creative team behind the PunisherMax series. This was a mediocre issue at best. The Punisher (hate the beard) seems to only be there to serve as a plot device and Pitbull & his man-dogs are some of the dumbest villains I’ve ever seen. But the strangest part is how the issue ends and that is the only reason I’m gonna pick up the next issue.


Steve Dillon’s illustrations are always a treat to look at except that his version of the Hulk looks weird, it just looks like a body builder covered in green paint. Having said that, I didn’t completely hate this issue, there are a few funny scenes, like when the Hulk tells the Punisher to shoot him in the face to crank up his anger. Hilarious. This was a disappointing issue, especially when the last one was so fun. From Marvel Comics.


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I bought this issue on a whim because I like Dillon's art but I really wish I hadn't. The story was awful. Punisher just appeared to help further the story and the villains were some of the worst I've ever seen. Even the art which I thought I'd enjoy did not suit this title. Like the above review mentioned Hulk was not big enough and just look like a bodybuilder in green paint. The one thing I did enjoy with this issue was the cover. It was drawn by Michael Kormack. It's a nice action shot of Hulk and Punisher which is probably another reason I picked this title up on a whim. Oh well I finally know now not to judge a book by it's cover!