Grim Leaper #1

by lucstclair on June 02, 2012

Lou Collins has a unique existence, he dies in horrific ways and then “leaps” into the bodies of strangers only to do it over and over again in a vicious cycle of life & death. Looking for a way out of this “death rotation”, he meets a girl with the same predicament and finds love in the most unexpected places.


Death meets Quantum Leap in this crazy & wickedly funny new series from Kurtis Wiebe (Green Wake, Peter Panzerfaust) & Aluisio C. Santos. The story has different characters as the protagonists, I say that because of the different bodies Lou takes over, but his personality remains the same. The villain is probably Death himself, but it’s too soon to tell. Somebody is pulling Lou’s strings, that much is clear.


The illustrations, combined with the colors are very vivid, which gives the comic a dream-like & surreal feeling to it. I really dug the “Final Destination” horrific accidental deaths. Grant it, there was only two, but you have to admit they’re extremely gruesome and creative. Having this series as a monthly ongoing series would get tedious & repetitive , but as a mini-series, it works. I look forward to the next issue. From Image Comics.

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Grim Leaper is definitely the pick of the week for me. Such an original and fresh story backed up by great artwork. I hadn't really heard of this one but I picked it up because Image as of late has been fantastic. This title is no exception, I highly recommend it.