Incredible Hulk #7.1

by lucstclair on May 21, 2012

After burying the ashes of Banner, the Hulk enjoys some R & R across the world, but his good times are cut short as the Red She-Hulk has some questions about the whereabouts of Banner.


A new story arc finally begins as this issue takes a hilarious turn when the Hulk takes a vacation and celebrates his freedom from Bruce Banner, but is he truly happy? Plus : The Orb returns, trust me you’re gonna laugh your ass off. Written by Jason Aaron (Avengers Vs X-Men) & illustrated by the crisp drawings of Jefte Palo (Taskmaster : Unthinkable). I’m unfamiliar with his work, but as long as it’s not Whilce Portacio, I’m good. Also sports a breath-taking painted cover by Michael Komark. From Marvel Comics.

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