Resident Alien #0 (of 3)

by lucstclair on April 27, 2012

Stranded on earth in a small hunting & fishing town, an alien uses his telepathic powers on the locals to make them see him as a human. Blending in and calling himself Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle, the sheriff offers him a temporary job at the clinic because the only town doctor was murdered. Fearing suspicion if he declined, the friendly alien doc accepts, he also cannot resist a murder mystery.


A funny and original spin on “the alien visiting a small hick town” story. It’s also a murder mystery with some real interesting players involved. Written by Peter Hogan (Tom Strong) & illustrated by Steve Parkhouse (The Milkman Murders). Originally published as Resident Alien : Welcome To Earth chapters 1-3 in Dark Horse Presents #4-#6. From Dark Horse Comics.

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