Incredible Hulk #7

by lucstclair on April 21, 2012

It’s Hulk Vs Banner at ground zero and only one will survive!


Jason Aaron wraps up this storyline which will change the Hulk forever. The entire run was just mediocre at best, the problem for me wasn’t the story (although the whole Mad Squad thing was very hokey) and it wasn’t the covers (Leinil Yu is awesome). No offense to illustrator Whilce Portacio, but I never cared for his style of artwork, the limbs and heads seem disproportionate to the bodies, chaotic and all over the place. It didn’t work for The Uncanny X-Men & Wetworks and it sure as hell didn’t work for the Hulk. To draw the Hulk, you have to fill in the shoes of legendary Hulk pencillers like Dale Keown, Gary Frank, John Romita Jr. Not an easy thing to do. This issue gets a 3 star rating & so does the story arc. From Marvel Comics.

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