Avengers Vs X-Men #2 (of 12)

by lucstclair on April 21, 2012

As the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarier shadows the island of Utopia, Magneto magnetically hurls Collossus at the orbiting vessel like an unstoppable missile of destruction. Allies becomes enemies, heroes become soldiers as The Scarlet Witch watches. The Phoenix Force has not yet reached its destination, but Hope Summers is already feeling its power. It’s total war, Marvel style! Featuring… everyone!


Pulse-pounding excitement as the fight of the year enters round 2 and I’m loving every minute of it! Written by Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Jonathan Hickman & Matt Fraction. Elegantly illustrated by John Romita Jr. with a stunning cover by Jim Cheung. From Marvel Comics.


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