America’s Got Powers #1

by lucstclair on April 16, 2012

17 years ago in San Francisco, an unexplained event triggered all pregnant women in the area to go into labour simultaneously. All the babies were born with super powers, as they grew up they were contestants on a new TV show pitting super-powered individuals versus obstacles or even other players in a football-like arena called “America’s Got Powers”. It’s the most watched TV show with 5 billion viewers worldwide. The only “baby” unaffected at the time was Tommy Watts, who’s brother Bobby is a AGP fan favourite. But all that is about to change…


The Running Man mixed with The Hunger Games & dipped in American Gladiators is a recipe for a very fun new title from the unstoppable force known as Image Comics. This new creator owned title from Jonathan Ross & Bryan Hitch (Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest) has a captivating story and is jam-packed with action & suspense. These are some of Hitch’s best illustrations since his work on The Ultimates, his attention to detail is unsurpassed. I can’t remember being this excited over a comic book, make damn sure you don’t miss this one.

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Best comic of the month for me! Great read. I can't recommend this one enough.

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