Secret Service #1 (of 7)

by lucstclair on April 16, 2012

Gary’s young adolescent life is on a one way trip to nowhere. He lives with his mother in the projects with her abusing boyfriend and he spends his evenings hanging out with his deadbeat friends. His uncle Jack has bailed him out of more situations than he can remember, but this is the last straw. But Gary’s life is about to change dramatically as his actions have attracted the attention of the British Secret Service.


007 meets The Mod Squad in Mark Millar’s new series from Icon. The illustrations are from the legendary Dave Gibbons (Watchmen) who needs no introduction. The story of Gary’s family is interesting enough and the rescue attempt on Mark Hamill, yes the Mark Hamill, goes horribly & hysterically wrong. Plus: The list of kidnapped victims is hilarious. Put ‘em all together with a nice cover and you’ve got the makings of a potentially great series. From Icon/Marvel Comics.

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I was pretty disappointed in this issue. I was expected pure gold from this creative team. I'll probably hold off and buy the trade when it comes out.