Secret #1

by lucstclair on April 16, 2012

A businessman is tortured for information in his home, a law firm deals with a very thorough security service and a massacre takes place somewhere in London, England. What is their connection? From the creators of A Red Mass For Mars comes a new series about governments & the cons that people play.


A few twists and turns, makes this an engaging first issue from writer Jonathan Hickman (Manhattan Projects) & illustrator Ryan Bodenheim. What’s really interesting are colorist Michael Garland’s use of colors, the way they set the mood & feeling for every situations. Grey represents the victims, pawns as well as the players. Red represents threats, violence, torture, light & of course blood. Green represents questions & doubt. Yellow represents answers & the truth. Blue represents surprise, shock & accusations. Maybe I’m analysing it too much, but that’s how I saw it.


No doubt will the plot thicken and questions will be answered as we get to future issues, but with Image Comics spitting out new #1s like newborn rabbits, will this one be a keeper? We’ll see.

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