Amazing Spider-Man #683

by lucstclair on April 06, 2012

Part 2 of “Ends Of The Earth”. Suited with his anti-sinister six spider-armour, Spider-Man & The Avengers bring the fight to Doc Ock and his minions. But The Sinister Six are more than ready to take everything The Avengers throw at them and they have a few tricks up their sleeves.


As a long time Spider-Man reader, I’ve always loved The Sinister Six, but they’re not the same Spidey punching bags they once were. With a dying Doctor Octopus who’s got nothing to lose as their leader, they’re more organized, patient, bad-ass & deadlier than ever. Like Mysterio tells Chameleon “This is The Sinister Six. You’re in the majors now. Act like it!” I like Spidey’s new armour, except the helmet looks a little too close to The New Warrior’s Night Thrasher. Another very entertaining issue. From Marvel Comics.

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