Avengers Vs X-men #0 (of 12)

by lucstclair on April 01, 2012

A double-fisted tale in one cool-looking comic! The Scarlet Witch has returned, but not everyone is ready to accept her, especially The Vision! Plus: Hope Summers is more than ready for the arrival of The Phoenix, but will she save mankind & mutantkind or destroy it?


This is a prequel of sorts to the highly anticipated AVX saga. Some tense moments between Wanda and Vision as some Avengers are ready to forgive & forget for her past crimes (see Avengers : Disassembled & House Of M). Hope’s story is pretty straight forward as she foils a bank heist perpetrated by The Serpent Society. Great illustrations by Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows). I think things will kick into high gear with next week’s release of Avengers Vs X-men #1, unless you were lucky enough to get a copy from your local comic book shop (you know who you are). Scarlet Witch story written by Brian Michael Bendis (Powers) & Hope Summers story written by Jason Aaron (Incredible Hulk). From Marvel Comics.

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