Uncanny X-Men #9

by lucstclair on March 22, 2012

A prison break erupts at The Peak, headquarters of S.W.O.R.D. (think M.I.B in orbit). The jailbreak was orchestrated by a powerful being known as Unit. The Avengers are called in to assist The X-Men in gathering all of the escaped prisoners, but Unit has other plans and he won’t come quietly. Featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man & Spider-Woman.


Probably the last amicable team-up between mutants & avengers before The Avengers VS X-Men crossover. The cold-hearted, android-like Unit is an interesting character to say the least. In a particular grizzly scene, he experiments on an unsuspecting father & son hunting in the wild. The rest of the prisoners like Terminus & The Skrulls have their asses handed to them by The X-Men & The Avengers who are trying to take control of the crisis. I’ll miss Greg Land’s illustrations, but Carlos Pacheco is a fine artist. Written by Kieron Gillen. From Marvel Comics.

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