Avengers Assemble #1

by lucstclair on March 16, 2012

To coincide with The Avengers movie (May 4th), here comes a new title featuring earth’s mightiest heroes! The super villain team known as Zodiac make their appearance as a foreseeable thorn in The Avengers side. The Hulk tussles with the water-powered Aquarius and almost drowns as Thor & Iron Man take on the mighty Taurus!


Just when you’ve thought you’ve had your fill of The Avengers, Marvel launches Avengers Assemble. An ongoing series that seems to be set in the everyday Avengers/Marvel universe but will mainly focus on the team roster from The Avengers film, minus Nick Fury & Agent Colson (so far). If you’re unfamiliar with The Avengers or even if you’re an avid Avengers reader, this is a fun guilty pleasure of a comic book.


Brian Michael Bendis (Powers) & Mark Bagley (New Warriors, Ultimate Spider-Man) are the creative duo behind this new series. Writing The Avengers is second nature to Bendis, the heroes & villains are quickly set up & the action is fast paced. Looking at Bagley’s illustrations is like visiting an old friend, his visual style is perfect for this type of high octane super team. I like how the villains have a typical villains meeting and comparing themselves to the mafia made me chuckle. My only complaint and it’s a minor one, is that this series is hyped up only because of The Avengers movie and that’s fine, but I predict when the movie comes to an end by the end of the summer, so will this series. From Marvel Comics.

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