Scarlet Spider #3

by lucstclair on March 16, 2012

A contract is put on Dr. Meland’s head as Kaine goes toe to toe with a vicious sniper. Plus: Enter The Assassin’s Guild!


Supporting characters are starting to appear like Dr. Meland, Aracely & Annabelle the red-headed bartender & possible love interest for Kaine. Some intense moments like when Kaine threatens a mugger in ways that Spider-Man never would & his fisticuffs with the sniper. Ouch! Some tough looking baddies are introduced that will eventually spell trouble for our web-spinning protagonist. I’m just loving this series. Written by Chris Yost (Amazing Spider-Man) & illustrated by Ryan Stegman (Spider-Man : The Return Of Anti-Venom) who’s artwork I’m really digging. From Marvel Comics.

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