Amazing Spider-Man #680

by lucstclair on March 03, 2012

High above the earth on the space station Apagee 1, astronaut Col. John Jameson is working on the outside of the station when all communication is suddenly cut with Max Modell, Peter Parker & the staff at Horizon Labs. Fearing the worst, Spider-Man, with the help of The Human Torch hops on one of The FF’s rocket ship and head straight to the station. The crew is missing and the one responsible is one of Spider-Man’s most tenacious foes.


Spidey in space? Wouldn’t be the first time. Nice little space adventure that I rather enjoyed, with touches of Spider-Man humour we’re all fond of. Johnny Storm’s impression of Tom Cruise from Risky Business is a riot. I’m new to Giuseppe Camuncoli’s illustrations, but I’m impressed. With the help of inker Klaus Janson & colorist Frank D’Armata, the images of the space station floating in the void of space is quite a sight. Looking forward to the next ish! Written by Dan Slott (Spider Island), Chris Yost (Scarlet Spider) & illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli (Spider-Man : The Return Of Anti-Venom). From Marvel Comics.

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