Justice League #6

by lucstclair on March 03, 2012

It’s the final showdown between The Justice League & Darkseid. Will earth’s greatest super team save the day? Plus: More info on the scarlet-hooded Pandora! Featuring The Phantom Stranger.


As the first story arc wraps up, the ending left me feeling a little… empty. Some will love it, others will downright loathe it. I’m reminded of the Grant Morrison Animal Man series ending which left a bad taste in my mouth. For me, the jury’s still out on this issue, but I think I’ll stick around for a few more issues just to see where it goes. After all, they’re the world’s greatest super heroes! Written by Geoff Johns (Aquaman) & illustrated by Jim (gaze in wonder at my beautiful drawings) Lee (Superman : For Tomorrow). From DC Comics.

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