Batman Incorporated : Leviathan Strikes #1

by lucstclair on December 22, 2011

On a mission from Batman, Batgirl enrols in The St-Hadrian’s Private School For Girls as Stephanie Brown. Batman suspects it’s a front for the criminal organisation known as Leviathan. Plus: Leviathan is playing mind games as Batman and his allies are caught in a deathtrap! Featuring Robin, Dick Grayson, Batgirl and The Outsiders.

Not a terribly good comic. The first act is ok, but the second was a little confusing. The recap and the end about the history of the whole Batman Incorporated campaign did shed some light on this story. But I was still disappointed and definitely not worth the price of 6.99$, ouch! Save your hard earned money, there a better Batman stories out there. Nice cover though.Written by the sometimes overrated Grant Morrison (WE3) and illustrated by Cameron Stewart (Batman & Robin : Batman Vs Robin) and Chris Burnham (Elephantmen). From DC Comics.

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