Avengers : X-Sanction #1 (of 4)

by lucstclair on December 15, 2011

Cable is back from the future to save the daughter he left behind! Something or someone has drastically changed Hope’s future and The Avengers have something to do with it. Infected with a techno virus, Cable has less than 24 hours to hunt down The Avengers one by one, even if it kills him! WARNING! WARNING! Possible spoiler predictions alert! If you don’t want me to ruin your comic book fun, then STOP READING THIS RIGHT NOW. If you’re still here please keep reading. Earlier today I was discussing this comic with Stephen and he had a very interesting theory/prediction. Last week Marvel announced a major crossover event coming out in April 2012, entitled “Avengers VS X-Men”. The Phoenix Force is back, has possessed a new host and is a threat to every living being on the planet, maybe even the universe. What if Hope is the host? Of course, The X-Men will do everything in their power to protect her from The Avengers and a line will be drawn! The Avengers actions against Hope sends ripples across the future affecting Cable, forcing him to time jump in the past to stop The Avengers at all cost. Enter this mini-series (cue dramatic music). I know it sounds crazy and a little confusing, but if you’ve been a long time Marvel reader, then you know that they are notorious for time travelling themes in their major crossover events. Makes total sense to me and only time well tell. Written by Jeph Loeb (Batman : The Long Halloween) and illustrated with larger than life artwork by Ed McGuiness (Superman/Batman, Red Hulk). Plenty of action with a straight forward plot. Enough to keep me around for more. From Marvel Comics.

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