Zatanna : The Mistress Of Magic (TPB)

by lucstclair on November 24, 2011

I’m kinda new to Zatanna, I mean I’ve seen appearances of her here and there in the pages of other DC comics but I’ve never actually read her own title. So here goes… For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zatanna, she’s the female version of Dr. Strange. The top magician in the world and the best in the ways of the mystic arts. But don’t let her sexy costume fool you , it’s not just for show. She could give ol’ Stephen Strange a run for his money. The story takes place in San Francisco where this creepy skull faced killer called Brother Night has plans to become ruler of both underworlds (criminal and dimensional) and will stop at nothing to achieve his fiendish goals. The confrontation leads Zatanna to face a mysterious soul from her past.

Not a bad story by Paul Dini and some decent artwork from Stephane Roux & Chad Hardin. Personally, comics about mysticism has never been my bag but check it out if this is yours. Reprinting Zatanna : The Mistress Of Magic #1-#6 from DC Comics.

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