The Punisher #2

by lucstclair on February 20, 2014

~~Los Angeles, Calfornia. Hot on the trail of the vicious Dos Soles gang, The Punisher’s enemies have a new weapon that completely changes the game and with The Howling Commandos getting closer, Frank’s war has taken a turn for the worst.

The Team
Written by Nathan Edmondson (The Activity, Where is Jake Ellis?) and illustrated by Mitch Gerads (The Activity, Where is Jake Ellis?).

The Pros & Cons
There’s a line that The Punisher narrates that completely defines the tone of this series or at least this story arc. On regards to his current mission he says “Too dangerous for the cops, not big enough for the super heroes”. With bigger threats comes bigger weapons and when A.I.M.’s involved (they really need to upgrade their stupid uniforms), you can bet its some kind of WMD or a doomsday device. Now all is revealed on the final page, but spoiling it would be an act of cruelty to the reader and I must say it took me by surprise. I’ll give you a hint; it involves a character from a certain 2014 Marvel movie.

The action in this issue is red hot with firefights on the streets, motorcycle chases and amidst all this insanity, Frank manages to get a pet. I love how Frank wears a t-shirt with the Hawkeye logo. Not sure what the connection is, could be Kate, the lady Hawkeye who’s been in L.A. lately but maybe writer Nathan Edmondson is just a huge Hawkeye fan.

I love every inch of panels of Mitch Gerads’ illustrations, makes want to stick around for the long run. I hope he’s here to stay. The Punisher skull logo ski mask was a nice touch, like Ghost Rider without the flames.

The Outcome
From the desert scene from Lethal Weapon to a scene from Heat to the jaw dropping ending, this is one bad ass issue.

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