Justice League #23.2

by lucstclair on September 11, 2013

Hey you bastiches! The main man is back… well sort of. After finishing another bloody job, Lobo takes on another job smuggling an unknown cargo through the blackness of space. Now he could care less as to what the cargo is, but the payment is so much sweeter and more personal than Lobo’s ever fraggin’ experienced.

The Team

Written by Marguerite Bennett & illustrated by Ben Oliver. Published by DC.

The Pros & Cons

Is there a new Lobo added to the New 52? Yes. Is the other Lobo we love to hate still around? Yes. Confused? So was I at first, but without spoiling this comic, after reading it, it all made sense. Now this New 52 Lobo is somewhat different from the old school Lobo, but every bit as vicious. He’s smaller, slender, but still muscular. He still has the pale white skin and slick short black hair (is it me or does he look like Elvis Presley sometimes?). He still has those feral like fangs, creepy crimson eyes and a death stare that’ll make Deadshot cry for his mommy.
He wears a bad-ass tight & sleeveless one piece space suit with strange blue bite sized holograms on his face and arms that look like transparent tattoos. Whether they serve a purpose remains a mystery. Gone are the chains, the bike and the pet dolphin whatshisname. This Lobo is a knife man and he can carve up anyone like a butcher on a hog. He uses these lethal red laser knives and scimitars (a curved blade or sabre) with precision not unlike a surgeon with a scalpel. Instead of healing he… well you get the picture.
The story is pretty straight forward, but does offer a little treat at the end. There’s also a moment when this Lobo might of differentiate from the old Lobo, it involves the character’s morality or lack of morality that is heart breaking and hilarious at the same time.  The creative team are unknowns to me, the plot has some light hearted banter and is completely narrated by Lobo. The illustrations look great and seem to be taken directly from a Star Wars comic. It has that sci-fi feeling that really works for this one shot.

The Outcome

This one completely took me by surprise and I rather enjoyed it. The 3D cover is cool as frag and the twist ending alone is worth picking this up and if you don’t like well bite me fan-boys!!!

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