Resident Alien : The Suicide Blonde #0

by lucstclair on August 14, 2013

The continuing story of Harry, an alien masquerading as a human and playing doctor in the small closed knit community of Patience. After recuperating from a bullet wound from the last mini series (see Resident Alien #3), Harry is discharged from the hospital and a new young doctor takes over. With the federal government closing in on him, Harry’s life of tranquility is quickly shaken up when the sheriff informs him of a newly discovered body.

The Team

Written and created by Peter Hogan (Terra Obscura Vol. 1) & Steve Parkhouse. Illustrated by Steve Parkhouse (The Milkman Murders). Collects Resident Alien : The Suicide Blonde chapters 1 to 3, originally serialized on Dark Horse Presents #18 - #20 from Dark Horse.

The Pros & Cons

This series is a hybrid of X-Files meets The Andy Griffith Show, the concept of an alien visitor with feds hot on his tail concealed as a human living a life of peacefulness in a small fishing town. I really enjoyed the first mini series and I’m really excited for this follow up series. The story takes place immediately after the events of Resident Alien #3 and it doesn’t disappoint. The plot takes us back & forth to what the alien (Harry) did when his ship first crash landed on Earth. The feds aren’t quite sure if the evidence they’ve found are hoaxes, but decide to investigate anyway.
There’s some good character development and a new doctor is introduced. The bound between Harry and Asta deepens and the local police discover a body and ask Harry with his forensics expertise to examine it. Like the first Resident Alien, writer Peter Hogan’s script offers a sweet little mystery I can’t wait to see unravel. Steve Parkshouse’s illustrations are matched only by the beautiful use of colour, the panels of Asta’s “dream” are absolutely breath taking.

The Outcome

It’s hard to find a good comic mini series these days, much less one involving an alien and a clever who dunnit, but if you look hard enough you might find a gem in the Resident Alien series.

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