Superior Spider-Man #15

by lucstclair on August 07, 2013

Superior Spider-Man #15

After the destruction of Shadowland at the hands of Spider-Man, the Hobgoblin seeks out the Tinkerer for some new gear, but extremely low on cash, he robs a few banks because his monthly payments to Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin are overdue. And patiently… the Green Goblin waits.

The Team

Written by Dan Slott & illustrated by Humberto Ramos. Published by Marvel Comics.

The Pros & Cons

This needs to be said. Now it’s true I miss the old Spidey, but I have to admit I’m rather enjoying the progression of Otto Octavius as Spider-Man as a character. Let’s face it, as Spider-Man, Octavius’ knowledge of robotics & the black mail of mayor Jameson, Spider-Man’s tactics are getting things done the way that the original Spider-Man could never do. Jameson’s been a pain in Spidey’s neck since forever, so its payback time and the streets of NYC have never been more super villain free.
This series “feels” more like a weekly TV show, what I mean by that is that there are tons of characters and a lot of eventful situations, I don’t know how Slott manages to keep it all together. Illustrator Humberto Ramos is no stranger to Spider-Man, I’ve always been a fan of his manga style of drawing, ever since his work on Crimson many years ago. The Hobgoblin looks like a demon from hell and his Green Goblin ain’t too bad either. The only thing that surprised me was that the Wraith is now a woman? (I was out of the Spider-Man loop for while there, but I’m slowly putting the pieces back together).

The Outcome

This was a good issue, but for a while there I almost dropped this title… twice. I’m still onboard for 2 specific reasons : #1) As I mentioned, I’m craving the return of the one true Peter Parker/Spider-Man and I want to see that plot develop in its entirety. #2) Now with several Marvel titles, illustrators come and go quickly. This is a fact I’m finally starting to accept, but if Humberto Ramos does the occasional story arc, this title will be on my sublist. 

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