Collider #1

by lucstclair on July 31, 2013

From the weird & wonderful world of Vertigo comes a new series that will put a twist on physics. The laws of physics cannot be broken right? What goes up must come down right? Wrong Mr. Newton. In this series, scientists have been predicting that the laws of physics are not set in stone and up can be down and vice versa. This is the reality and in this new reality the government has created the FBP, the Federal Bureau of Physics, an emergency crew to deal with these strange phenomenon. The gravity in your backyard is all out of whack? There are time loops in the airport? Call 911, a dispatcher will send the FBP to help you. 

The Team

Written by Simon Oliver (Exterminators Vol. 1-5) and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez (Haunt Vol. 5, Hazed). Created by Simon Oliver & Robbi Rodriguez. Cover by Nathan Fox (Pigeons From Hell). Published by DC/Vertigo.

The Pros & Cons

Here’s an idea that’s completely and scientifically nerdy, but tries to insert plausibility in its concept, however absurd. But it works. Most Vertigo titles, as of late, seem to lean towards crime or fantasy, so the subject of true science fiction often takes a back seat. But with Collider, the current The Wake mini series and the upcoming Trillium, Vertigo’s taking an insane trip to the Twilight Zone and not looking back.
The concept for this comic world is an original one and the FBP is neat idea, the characters are as colourful as the illustrations, but the main protagonist seems to be Agent Adam Hardy, son to his deceased scientist father. He’s a hotshot agent who plays by a different set of rules. As an ongoing series with stories about gravity failing, wormholes, new dimensions and the very fabric of reality collapsing, there’s no telling how far they could stretch this. As an innovative series, I hope they push it as far as it can go.
If I’m correct, The Exterminators was Simon Oliver’s last Vertigo project. He brings the Exterminators absurdity, but without the horror tones, although almost being sucked down to another dimension because of lack of gravity can be pretty scary too. And like The Exterminators, Collider also has some interesting characters. The script has a lot of mumbo jumbo science talk, but you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to get it.
Robbi Rodriguez’ illustrations reminds me of other artists like Dustin Nguyen and Sean Murphy, characters drawn with long limbs, square forms, exaggerated features and a linear and overlapping use of panels. The colouring is by Rico Renzi, pastel colours for the characters and backgrounds and bright burning colours for all the physics distortions. Wrap the whole thing up with a hot pink, upside down “Holy shit I’m losing gravity!” cover by Nathan Fox and you’ve got yourself one fine ass first issue.

The Outcome

This was a terrific read. It felt like I was watching a TV show that should be aired on the Sci-Fi channel, but it’s better than that, its comics, scratch that, it’s Vertigo.

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