Wake #1

by lucstclair on June 04, 2013

Marine biologist Lee Archer is a contacted by a man named Astor Cruz from the department of homeland security. It seems they have in their possession an unidentified audio of unknown origin that came from the ocean. With the assistance of 3 other scientific minds, they will discover a new breed of horror 100,000 years in the making.

The Team

Written by Scott Snyder (Batman : The Court of Owls, Severed) & illustrated by Sean Murphy (Joe The Barbarian, Punk Rock Jesus). Created by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy. Published by Vertigo.

The Pros & Cons

Two great talents reunite again for a tale of sci-fi horror in the deep ends of the blackest oceans. Snyder & Murphy previously worked together on an American Vampire story arc, it was great then and it’s even better now. The main story takes place in modern times, but begins with a dystopian future where the streets have been flooded and tidal waves are frequent. The ending jumps back to the distant past where cavemen ruled the earth. This first issue offers no shortage of mystery, as it sets up its main characters and offers a small sample of horror for things to come.
Fans of movies like Leviathan, The Abyss and Aquaman’s The Trench story arc will notice similarities to those stories. But to be fair, we’ve haven’t seen the big picture yet and knowing Snyder’s style, I think the readers will be in for a very special treat and a great slice of sci-fi horror with a dash of “we shouldn’t have f**ked with mother nature” thrown in for good measure.
What can I say about Sean Murphy? Every single time I see his illustrations I crave more and more of it. Although I wasn’t a fan of Joe the Barbarian, my issue’s are with Grant Morrison, but I couldn’t deny that the book was absolutely breath taking. Next comes Punk Rock Jesus, arguably the best Vertigo mini series of 2012 and to think I was gonna pass on it, but a friend convinced me otherwise (thanks Stephen). Murphy’s a master at wide two-page spreads that really give you the scope of the panel and how it relates to the story. My favourite is the image of Dr. Archer sitting on her little boat, as a massive whale comes to the surface of the water. The attention to detail is what makes Murphy one of the most impressive artists working in comics today. See if you can spot his little nod to Punk Rock Jesus, of course if you’ve haven’t read Punk Rock Jesus than that prove difficult. Finish reading this review and go pick up the Punk Rock Jesus trade right now!

The Outcome

I’ve been ready for this series ever since it was announced last spring and now that it’s here I can safely say that it was well worth the wait.

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