Bounce #1

by lucstclair on May 22, 2013

Meet Jasper Jenkins, pot head by day, super hero by night. When a super villain known as The Crunch breaks into police chief Dan Kantor’s home and with his family taken hostage, the situations quickly becomes a murder scene. With both parents dead, The Bounce, like a super ball force of nature makes a typical, but very dramatic entrance through the window and proceeds to take out the bad guy.

The Team

Written by Joe Casey (Vengeance, Superman/Batman : Big Noise) & illustrated by David Messina (Infestation : Outbreak). Published by Image.

The Pros & Cons

These days it’s hard to come up with a new costumed super hero that works, you also need convincing villains, cool surroundings and an interesting plot. Now The Bounce doesn’t knock all of these criteria’s out of the ballpark, but it does offer some neat ideas. The protagonist is a lazy pothead, so when crimes are committed, he’s the last person you’d think would come a calling as a costumed do-gooder. As The Bounce, J.J. has a slick and cool looking costume, seems to have super human reflexes & speed, with the ability to curl into a ball and ram his body to use as a human wrecking ball to combat villains. He may also have super strength, but this being the first issue, there could be more to his powers than meets the eye.
A couple of villains are introduced, The Crunch, a colourful & vicious brute of a super villain who’s motivations are yet unknown. A man known as The Darling (lol), who’s trying to sell inter dimensional tech to the military, you know this guy’s bad news. And finally, The Fog, a pusher with a very unique and um… human drug. The story starts off pretty basic, but by the end it takes you to unexpected places which left me scratching my noggin, but in a good way.
I’ve never seen David Messina’s work, but his style makes every panel an absolute joy to look at. Mixed with Giovanna Rino’s colouring, it makes for a vivid comic filled with action panels that would thrill any Spider-Man fan. The Bounce even spouts jokes in the middle of a battle just like Spider-Man, except with cursing.

The Outcome

As far as new super heroes goes, The Bounce manages to deliver some decent thrills here and there, but isn’t a game changer for comics by any stretch of the imagination. For the curious only.

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