Great Pacific #6

by lucstclair on April 03, 2013

Things go from bad to worse when the navy washes up on the shores of New Texas trying to force Chas Worthington off his newly found country, but with a giant octopus as your means of defence, who needs an army?

The Team

Written & created by Joe Harris (Vampirella & the Scarlet Legion TP, Creepy Comics Vol. 1) & Martin Morazzo. Illustrated & coloured by Martin Morazzo (The Network). Published by Image Comics.

The Pros & Cons

As the first story arc wraps up, I’d like to express how much I appreciate this very unique series. Great Pacific is like no other series I’ve read, it speaks loudly about topics such as the environment, the necessity of recycling, politics, pirates, money & power and how it can corrupt just about anybody and of course a giant octopus. It’s mysterious, beautiful and has a lot of crazy & original ideas.
Like the reader, Chas Worthington is kept in the dark about his future, we hope we know what he’s doing, but he’s dealing with things and events that our beyond his control & sometimes his comprehension. I guess when thrust upon an island made of plastic, claiming it as your new country, dealing with natives, being attacked by enormous sea creatures while dodging pirate bullets is enough for a man to ask “just what the hell was I thinking?”
Martin Morazzo’s illustrations make me gasp for air, fleshed out characters and surroundings. He can make a nightmarish garbage island look like a modern day work of art. The 2-page aerial spread of the navy invading New Texas is a feast for the eyeballs.

The Outcome

Writer Joe Harris stated in this issue that he’ll taking a break, as the GP trade comes out in May, but that it’ll be back in June for a whole new story arc. With the way this issue ends, I certainly look forward to it.

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