Five Ghosts : The Haunting of Fabian Gray #1

by lucstclair on March 20, 2013

When an expedition leads to tragedy, treasure hunter & master thief Fabian Gray ends up with a mystical artefact known as The Dreamstone. Possessed by 5 ghosts, a wizard, an archer, a detective, a samurai and a vampire, these phantoms gives Fabian the power to mimic their abilities. Needless to say, these unique abilities come in handy when you’re out scavenging for treasure and engaging bad guys, but with power comes a price and with dark forces hot on his trail, will Fabian Gray pay the ultimate price? A new globe trotting adventure mini series with a dark side, brought to you by Image Comics.

The Team

Written by Frank J. Barbiere (Divine Intervention GN) and illustrated by Chris Mooneyham. #1 (of 5).

The Pros & Cons

1/3 Indiana Jones, 1/3 pulp hero and 1/3 horror and Fabian Gray is a new and exciting face for Image. I’ve been anticipating this new series ever since I saw it in a previous Previews magazine. It’s a treasure hunter who’s possessed by 5 ghosts and “borrows” their skills and as a result, kicks major ass! What’s not to like here?
The protagonist Fabian Gray is handsome and debonair Englishman with a sense of adventure, picture Pierce Brosnan as Thomas Crown, except instead of stealing paintings, he’s stealing rare magical artefacts. The other players are an associate named Sebastian and Fabian’s ailing sister who’s condition seems to be tied up with the mysterious Dreamstone.
The villains are a creepy ghoul (who looks like Marvel’s Terror Inc.) and what seems to be demons who control what looks to be a dark sorcerer of sorts, not sure what their connections are to our hero, but they seem to want him bad.
Writer Frank J. Barbiere delivers a slick adventure story filled with tension, steeped with action and violence.  Chris Mooneyham’s illustrations are pleasing to the eyes, but I couldn’t help but notice it reminded me of Klaus Janson’s style. I’m not knocking it, I’m just saying.

The Outcome

This first issue has all the ingredients for a potentially great comic series, an original idea, an exciting opening sequence, action, romance, blood & guts, intriguing villains and an awesome cliff hanger ending. I absolutely loved it and waiting for the next 30 days will be unbearable.

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