Iron Man #6

by lucstclair on February 06, 2013

Testing out his new & improved armour and defending an alien race against space pirates, Iron Man reaps the rewards for his friendly deeds. But fraternizing with the female aliens is the least of his concern, when a handful of robot police arrest old Shell-Head for the crime of deicide in part 1 of “The Godkiller”.

The Team

Written by Kieron Gillen (Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen : Vol. 1, Phonogram : Rue Britannia) & illustrated by Greg Land (Marvel Zombies : Dead Days, Uncanny X-Men : Quarantine). Published by Marvel Comics.

The Pros & Cons

With his new & bulkier armour, Iron Man looks more like Rom the Space Knight than the old Avenger we’re used to. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t like the new suit, throughout the years, Shell-head’s been through more costume changes than Spider-Man. So this new look doesn’t come to as a surprise, it might not last, but it seems to be perfect for those deep space flights Tony likes to take. Speaking of old school characters like Rom, it’s nice to see Death’s Head still kicking about. Marvelphiles will remember DH from Marvel’s UK imprint from way back. I always wondered what happened to that maniac.
This issue begins with a light hearted homage to Star Trek, as writer Kieron Gillen hilariously compares Tony Stark to Captain Kirk in the ways of seducing purple skinned alien chicks. Towards the end, the story shifts as Iron Man is to be accountable for the disappearance of a certain fiery feathered deity from the events of Avengers Vs X-Men (I didn’t spoil it, the cover already did that). About illustrator Greg Land, I listen to a lot of comic book podcasts & read several blogs and it seems that a lot of you don’t like his style of drawing. I couldn’t disagree more, Land’s style, with the assistance of Guru eFX colours, produces smooth & lush images that enhance my appreciation for this character & title with every new issue.

The Outcome

With a character like Iron Man, who’s home is Earth, it’s fun to see him thrust into spatial situations among the stars & alien cultures. After the first mediocre story arc entitled “Believe”, I think a space opera storyline is just what this series needed. Kudos!

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A Look Inside


Tori B.'s picture
I can't bring myself to get back into it, after my disappointment from the first arc but it's nice to see that there's hope for improvement. Definitely going to wait out on it but will be keeping tabs on the direction that it's taking. Personally, I'm not crazy about Land's art, I think he does great technical stuff, so having him on Iron Man made for some pretty rad suits, but I can't stand the way his faces look.