Great Pacific #3

by lucstclair on January 01, 2013

Lost, adrift & thirsty, Chas Worthington makes the long and hard trek back to the base and with the leviathan stalking him, his only chance is… a French girl? Image Comics’ new & exciting series continues.

The Team

Written & created by Joe Harris (Vampirella & The Scarlet Legion TP, Creepy Comics Vol. 1) & Martin Morazzo. Illustrated & coloured by Martin Morazzo (The Network). Published by Image Comics.

The Pros & Cons

Chas’ conquest of Garbage Island a.k.a New Texas continues, as he scouts his way through his plastic floating newfound country of his and encounters a French speaking & English speaking trespassing woman who’s motives are unknown. We see a little bit of Chas as a young kid with his father in the limo and then at his funeral. It’s seems like a rather cold & lonely childhood, which explains Chas’ rebellion as he tries to escape his father’s legacy by claiming the giant garbage heap which he now calls home.


I still can’t enough of Martin Morazzo’s illustrations, long & massive landscapes of plastic & garbage as far as the eye can see. You can almost hear the snap, crackle & pop under the protagonist’s feet, as he steps on thousands of plastic water bottles joined together like a floor of modern art.

The Outcome

This was a quick read and not as story based as the first & second issue, but all in all a good issue.


Our Score:


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