Witch Doctor : Mal Practice #1

by lucstclair on November 28, 2012

The good doctor Morrow (don’t call him a mad scientist) is back and he’s up to his rectal thermometer with demon possessions & parasites. But this time he’s the patient and they say doctors make the worst patient, but with Penny Dreadful (his disturbed anesthesiologist) & Eric (his trusted orderly) by his side, no disease is too epidemic & a remedy is but a diagnosis away. So ditch the priest and make an appointment, the doctor is waiting...

The Medical Staff

Written by Brandon Seifert (Doctor Who Series 3 Vol. 1), illustrated by Lukas Ketner (Witch Doctor Vol. 1 : Under The Knife) & coloured by Andy Troy. Cover by Lukas Ketner & variant cover by Juan Jose Ryp (Clone, Wolverine : The Best There Is : Broken Quarantine) & Felix Serrano. Published by Image Comics.

The Symptoms

And so begins a thrilling new chapter of the Doc of Shock & Schlock and his unconventional ways to treat and cure the weirdest diseases to ever infect human beings. Having been a fan of Witch Doctor Vol. 1 : Under The Knife (click here for the review), I was looking forward to this new series with great anticipation and it does not disappoint kiddies. The story starts with the good doctor having some difficulty with his current patient, which leads him to a bar and into the arms of a pretty girl (he’s apparently not married to his work after all). The next morning, the girl is gone and all that’s left is one hungover physician. The mystery woman eventually returns, but she’s not who she seems to be, which leads to a monster battle between the creature & Penny Dreadful and one disgusting diagnostic. Say Ahhh!


Writer Brandon Seifert is in top form as he gives the reader a little glimpse into Dr. Morrow’s personal life, with a heavy dose of bizarre ailments, deadly parasitic worm tongues and a mystery villain with unknown intentions. Let’s not forget Penny & Eric, I hope we learn more about Penny and Eric gets a brief shellshock moment from his days in the army. Also back for the attack is penciller Lukas Ketner, who I suspect is like Mike Mignola, the guy likes to draw ugly monsters. His often scary & Lovercraftian abominations strike the right horror note for this weird & often hilarious series.

The Treatment

Go straight to bed with a recommended heavy dose of this issue and it wouldn’t hurt for you to get a shot of Witch Doctor Vol. 1 : Under the Knife just to be sure. Call me in 30 days for a refill of your prescription.


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