Planetoid #4

by lucstclair on November 28, 2012

Far from the reaches of the encampment, a distress signal is detected. Silas and two of his men investigate, only to bring them dangerously closer to the Ono Mao and their robotic monstrosities.

The Team

Written, illustrated, coloured, inked & lettered by Ken Garing. Published by Image Comics.

The Pros & Cons

Ken Garing’s impressive space cowboy adventure continues, as Silas confesses to exactly what kind of cargo he was smuggling in his years as a smuggler. The protagonist is looking for redemption and saving a bunch of aliens from the Rovers will simply not do. This issue was a least 2 months overdue, but considering that this is a one man comic book mini series, that’s totally understandable. Not every comic has to be ground breaking to be appreciated, Garing’s Planetoid is one the best grungy sci-fi stories that ever hit the comic book page. Sure it borrows heavily from movies like The Road Warrior, Spacehunter : Adventures in the Forbidden Zone & Cyborg, but it’s what the writer does with the characters & their surroundings that make it his own. It’s the classic tale of the oppressive villains trying to crush the innocent villagers and a lone gunman arrives to save the day. Silas is the perfect hero, although he doesn’t know it, he’s a born leader with a shameful past looking for forgiveness. What’s more human than that?


As an illustrator, Garing’s style seems to improve with every issue. Some of the pages in this issue are absolutely breathtaking, images of landscapes & violent action moments will have you in awe. I have to say that this is also Garing’s best cover so far, it’s a terrifying mechanical assimilation that would fry the circuits off the Borg.

The Outcome

I truly love & admired what Ken Garing has done here and I’m looking forward to the next issue’s epic finale. Just don’t keep me waiting for another 2 months is all I ask.



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