Ghost #1

by lucstclair on October 22, 2012

After the events of last issue, Tommy, Vaughn & the strange ghost girl hit the road to find some leads on the origin of the mystery box that summoned her into our world.

The Team

Written by Kelly Sue Deconnick (Osborn : Evil Incarcerated, 30 Days Of Night : Eben & Stella, Castle : Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm), illustrated, coloured, inked & cover by Phil Noto (Infinite Horizon, Wolverine & Jubilee : Cursed, Creator Owned Heroes Triggergirl 6 #1-#4). Variant cover by Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels). Published by Dark Horse Comics.

The Pros & Cons

Not as exciting as issue #0, but the plot certainly thickens with additional players added to the mix. Mary Bregovy aka Resurrection Mary, if that’s who she is, is definitely a tortured soul mixed with an identity crisis who is desperately looking for some answers. From what I’ve read so far and with the new characters, I’ve read enough ghost stories & seen enough spirit movies to know that her origin is not just another “ghost who won’t rest until her killer or killers are brought to justice” story. I get a feeling it’s much deeper than that, anyway that’s the vibe I’m getting.


It’s not all loom & gloom though, there are moments of humour here & there, as the dialogue between Tommy & Vaughn are simply hilarious. There’s a moment of conversation in a diner that involves coffee & sugar that’s absolutely brilliant. Kelly Sue Deconnick’s script is sharp as nails, with lighter moments of witty dialogue. Phil Noto’s illustrations give the right amount of humanity to all the characters, even Mary, who may or may not be human. The light pastel like colours gives the right tone to everyone, especially Mary who shines like an angel, an angel that can rip your heart out, literally. Noto also draws the cover, which also brings an angelic feeling to it. As nice as that cover is, Alex Ross’ variant cover’s real life style makes the cover shine that much brighter. The ending is intriguing and left me scratching my head, so I like where it’s going.

The Outcome

There aren’t that many ghost comics out there and it’s funny because at first glance, Mary’s style has that typical look you remember from your childhood, covered with the white sheet and all. But this takes your typical ghost story and totally flips it. I miss those two bad-ass guns from before.


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