Avengers Vs X-Men : Consequences #1

by lucstclair on October 12, 2012

After the tragic events of AVX, Scott Summers is incarcerated into a special maximum security prison and as Wakanda picks up the pieces of its shattered country, the Avengers hunt down the scattered members of the X-men. Featuring Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man & Captain Marvel.

The Team

Written by Kieron Gillen (Iron Man Vol. 1 : Believe, Uncanny X-Men by Kieron Gillen Vol. 1, Journey Into Mystery Vol. 3 : The Terrorism Myth), illustrated by Tom Raney (Stormwatch Vol. 1, X-Men : Powerless, Black Widow : Deadly Origin) & coloured by Jim Charalampidis. Published by Marvel Comics.

The Pros

This story focuses on Scott Summers’ incarceration and the hard time he’ll serve & the Avengers rounding up of the X-Men on the run. The story is written by Kieron Gillen and has a lot of talking, but not much is happening. I’ve always admired illustrator Tom Raney’s style, I remember his work way back on Warlock & The Infinity Watch, so this is a beautiful looking book, no doubt about it. Except his rendition of Wolverine on the last page kind of looks a little off. Go figure.

The Cons

This isn’t a terrible book, I’ve read a lot worse, I just think it’s unnecessary and useless. Save your money, you’re better off reading Uncanny Avengers which pretty much talks about the same subjects from this title.

The Outcome

After the long winded 12 issue AVX mini series, I’m pretty much done with this concept. Do yourself a favour and skip this one.


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