Amazing Spider-Man #695

by lucstclair on October 07, 2012

Two Hobgoblins in one energetic comic, as Spider-Man’s spider sense goes into overdrive. Plus : Madame Web has the mother of all premonitions. Featuring the Kingpin.

The Team

Written by Dan Slott (Avengers : The Many Faces Of Henry Pym, Mighty Avengers : Dark Reign) & Christos Gage (Sunset HC, Fear Itself : The Home Front, Angel & Faith Vol. 2 : Daddy Issues). Illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli (Daken/X-23 : Collision, Spider-Man : Lizard : No Turning Back, John Constantine, Hellblazer : The Devil’s Trencoat), inked by Dan Green & coloured by Antonio Fabela. Cover by Steve McNiven (Nemesis). Published by Marvel Comics.

The Pros

This one has it all Spidey fans! The current Hobgoblin working for the Kingpin, the return of Roderick Kingsley, the original Hobgoblin, Madame Web and her crazy visions, Spider-Man’s spider sense going bonkers, some of Peter’s old friends from his days at the Dailey Bugle and a jaw dropping ending that will shock your system! A few years back, Peter Parker publicly stunned the world by revealing that he was secretly Spider-Man and since then Doctor strange has cast a spell to rectify that event. Having said that, that balance is dangerously close to tipping. I love how an enemy has figured out a way to have Spider-Man’s spider sense increase ten fold, making every insignificant danger a truly hazardous one. I’m surprise it took Marvel this long to figure this one out. It makes for some pretty clever panels with every little danger pointed out for the reader to see. Nice touch.


Writer Dan Slott continues his terrific work on the world’s best super hero with a suspenseful story filled with action, intrigue & a few surprises along the way. We’re getting closer & closer to the titanic #700 issue, so the pressure this guy must endure is probably overwhelming. He was quoted in an interview that with the release of #700 “Fans will hate me forever”. Now I’ve got a few ideas as to how it might pan out, but I’ll save that for an upcoming blog I want to write. I really like Giuseppe Camuncoli’s illustrations (with the assistance of inker Dan Green & colourist Antonio Fabela), they have a gritty look with the characters and the panels that have rough edges that compliments this much beloved series. His Phil Urich’s Hobgoblin version looks like something out of hell’s black pits and I’m really digging it.

The Cons

I hope this is the last of Madame Web’s psychic premonitions, we get it, let’s move on.

The Outcome

The countdown to AMS #700 continues, but in the meantime we’re still treated to some kick ass Spider-man stories like this one.

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