Green Lantern #13

by lucstclair on October 06, 2012

Branded as a suspected terrorist and with the government hot on his tail, Simon Baz, a little disoriented by the sudden power of a Green Lantern ring, seeks the help of friends and family. Meanwhile, the Third Army is getting closer & closer.

The Team

Written by Geoff Johns (Aquaman : The Trench, Green Lantern : Sinestro, Flash : Rebirth), illustrated by Doug Mahnke (Seven Soldiers Of Victory : Vol. 4, Justice League Elite, Final Crisis), coloured by Tony Avina & Alex Sinclair. Published by DC Comics.

The Pros

Not a bad issue, low on action, but high on plot, as we delve a little bit deeper into Simon’s history and the consequences of his actions. He discovers two new tricks with the ring, the first is a vision of Hal & Sinestro trying to warn him and the second is the manifestation of his costume with the mask. The Third Army are creepy as hell, I can’t wait until war erupts. Johns & Mahnke never miss a bit, as they truly own this series. Now the question remains if I’ll pick up the other Green Lantern titles to fully appreciate the Third Army event. Decisions, decisions.

The Cons

Nothing here

The Outcome

Learning more about the new Green Lantern and that’s good, but I can’t wait to get to the meat & potatoes of this catastrophic event.

Our Score:


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