Amazing Spider-Man #694

by lucstclair on September 28, 2012

The final chapter of the Alpha story arc! When Terminus threatens NYC, the Avengers rush to the scene ask Spidey to call in the big gun, but will Alpha save the day or just make it worse?

The Team

Written by Dan Slott (Avengers : The Many Faces Of Henry Pym, Mighty Avengers : Dark Reign), illustrated by Humberto Ramos (X-Men : Supernovas, Impulse Vol. 1 : Runs In The Family, Crimson : Loyalty & Loss) & coloured by Edgar Delgado. Published by Marvel Comics

The Pros

If you’re a fan of Alpha, then sadly this is the end of Alpha’s reign, as Spider-Man puts the kid through a final super hero test and the lad fails miserably. No doubt Alpha will return, of that I am certain, but for now Spidey is back to being a super hero with a no sidekick policy and that suits me just fine. Alpha does his usual schtick, as he whups Terminus’ ass till next week and the Avengers just enjoy the show. There’s some exciting moments involving Spider-Man with a plane that is simply awesome and J. Jonah Jameson shows Spidey some much appreciated gratitude… I’ll repeat that, J. Jonah Jameson, a man who has despised Spider-Man with every fibre of his being, expressed Spidey some gratitude. I never thought, in my whole comic book reading life, I’d ever see this moment.


Regular writer Dan Slott delivers a paint by numbers storyline, he’s definitely done better. Humberto Ramos visual style is always appreciated, although Aunt May looks like a dried up prune. I love the cover’s homage to the 1976 classic “Superman VS the Amazing Spider-Man”. They’re almost identical, I’ve posted the original cover below just for fun. Check it out.

The Cons

I’ve hated Alpha since the beginning, I think see him more of a villain, than a super hero. I can just see it now “Summer 2013. Marvel’s next super hero event/crossover… The Threat of Alpha!” I guess I should be careful what I wish for.

The Outcome

Things are picking up starting with next issue, as the Hobgoblin returns old school style! Can’t wait.

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