Aquaman #0

by lucstclair on September 27, 2012

Zero month continues with the underwater king of the oceans, Aquaman! Featuring the origin of Aquaman and Atlantis is revealed in all its glory.

The Team

Written by Geoff Johns (Green Lantern The New 52, Flashback, Brightest Day), illustrated by Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Blackest Night, Brightest Day Vol. 1) & coloured by Rod Reis. Aquaman created by Paul Norris. Published by DC Comics

The Pros

After a year of teasing us with only mentions and glimpses of Atlantis here & there, it’s finally here. Arthur searches the deepest oceans in search of his home of origin, but can’t seem to zero in on it. He eventually comes into contact with a fellow Atlantean living in recluse and on land, for fear of the Atlantean Guard to strike. He proceeds to tell Arthur about his kingdom and his birthright. This was a really good issue with some hindsight and some character development about a super hero who should get a lot more credit than he’s had in the past.


Writer Geoff Johns adds a little bit more dialogue than he’s ever done before with this title, but still manages to be a quick read. Like the ending for many zero issues, this story will undoubtedly continue in future issues, as the current Black Manta story arc isn’t quite finished. Illustrator Ivan Reis’ stunning artwork continues to be a feast for the eyes and it’s been an awesome year having him as regular penciller, never skipping an issue. I hope he’s around for another year.

The Cons

Nothing here

The Outcome

Aquaman is one of those titles I collect, that I’m never sure I should drop or not. I really enjoy each and every issue, but sometimes I feel conflicted and I think to myself “It’s good, but is it good enough to keep? Are there better titles out there?” Sure there is, but for now it’s a keeper.

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