Star Wars : Darth Maul : Death Sentence #3

by lucstclair on September 25, 2012

As the cataclysm solar event known as the “Day of Three Suns” approaches, Darth Maul trains the natives to take back their planet and strike a blow at Ja’Boag and his army. Meanwhile, the Jedi High Council sends reinforcements.

The Team

Written by Tom Taylor (Star Wars : Invasion Vol. 1 : Refugees, DC Universe Online Legends Vol. 3), illustrated by Bruno Redondo (Push), coloured by Michael Atiyeh & cover art by Dave Dorman (Aliens : Tribes, Indiana Jones & The Fate Of Atlantis). Published by Dark Horse Comics.

The Pros

The native people of Moorjhone are preparing & training for war, but when your instructor is Darth Maul, its not gonna be sugar coated. It’s every individual fighting until his dying breath and to hell with your fallen comrades. Darth Maul’s gratitude is deceptive, as like all Sith Lords, he has ulterior motives in mind. His brother Savage Opress is still frozen in carbonite and nothing in this galaxy will stop him from freeing him from his glacial prison. The stage is set for total war & chaos and next issue will be the final glorious chapter. Writer Tom Taylor crafts an exciting tale from a side rarely seen from the Star Wars universe and illustrator Bruno Redondo’s style is perfectly suited for this type of story. His rendition of Darth Maul is hauntingly beautiful, just like Dave Dorman’s cover.

The Cons

Not the most original story by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s damn entertaining.

The Outcome

Looking forward to how this mini series wraps up and it makes you wonder if the bad guys can win, even in the Star Wars universe.



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