Green Lantern #0

by lucstclair on September 05, 2012

With the so called “death” of Hal Jordan & Sinestro, the ring of sector 2814 (earth) searches for a replacement Green Lantern and chooses a troubled young Arab-American man named Simon Baz. Plus : Where the hell are Hal & Sinestro?

The Team

Written by Geoff Johns (Aquaman : The Trench, Green Lantern : Sinestro, Flash : Rebirth), illustrated by Doug Mahnke (Seven Soldiers Of Victory : Vol. 4, Justice League Elite, Final Crisis), coloured by Tony Avina & Alex Sinclair. Published by DC Comics

The Pros

Well zero month is upon us and for this title, an introduction to a brand new Green Lantern of earth is always an exciting thing. Simon Baz is a normal Arab-American, who’s unfortunately at the wrong place at the wrong time and is arrested by the authorities for an alleged terrorist attack on U.S. soil. In an article I’ve read on writer Geoff Johns, he’s stated that he has Arabic roots and his choice for this new Green Lantern is very personal for him. Johns is always finding new ways to improve the Green Lantern universe with his original stories and creative heroes & villains. Here, he sets up Simon Baz’s story from his difficulty growing up as a minority to his current predicament with the law. He’s a very angry individual who will probably bring a “no holds barred” approach to the Green lantern Corps and I can’t wait to see him in action. The only glimpse of the costume is from the cover and so far it looks great, although the reason for the gun in his hand has not yet been explained, I’m sure all be revealed in upcoming issues.


Regular Green Lantern penciller Doug Mahnke’ illustrations shine as always, as he gives this new Green Lantern an awesome costume & mask and with Simon Baz’s tattooed word “courage” glowing with Green Lantern light in Arabic, is needless to say, very bad ass.

The Cons

None here

The Outcome

This is a great starting point for new readers and a great addition for regular readers like myself who just adore the Green Lantern mythos and what Geoff Johns has planned for it. Don’t even think about missing this one.


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