Bloodshot #3

by lucstclair on September 03, 2012

Tracking the memory for the address of his former “wife”, Bloodshot heads to Albuquerque, New Mexico to shed light on Project rising Spirit and the individual named Kuretich. But P.R.S’ flunkies are not quite done with the nanite super soldier and have a secret weapon under their control.

The Team

Written by Duane Swierczynski (Fun & Games, Godzilla Vol. 1, Birds Of Prey Vol. 1 : Trouble In Mind), illustrated by Manuel Garcia (Black Widow : Kiss Or Kill, Iron Man Noir, Avengers : Celestial Quest) with Arturo Lozzi, inked by Matt Ryan & coloured by Ian Hannin. Cover by Esad Ribic (Uncanny X-Force Vol. 2 : Deathlok Nation, Sub-Mariner : The Depths, Silver Surfer : Requiem). Published by Valiant Comics

The Pros

What a rush. Like Jason Bourne, Bloodshot is an individual without an identity and now he’s locked & loaded and he’s going to get some answers no matter how many times he gets killed & regenerates. Some exciting action moments when P.R.S. launches their secret weapon at Bloodshot in a high octane chase scene and the discovery of the mysterious underground city of Atlee, Nevada where a tragedy of epic proportions has occurred left me wanting more. Writer Duane Swierczynski’s story doesn’t stop to catch its breath, delivering more action & gunplay than a John Woo flic. He backed off on the gore a little bit and that’s a real shame, this series has proven it’s violent nature and wears it proudly on its sleeve and makes this fanboy craving for more.


Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi’s illustrations keeps impressing the hell out of me, the graphic drawings of Bloodshot delivering death & destruction unto others is one of the highlights of this crazy series. The icing on the cake is this issue’s cover, illustrated by an artist who totally blew my mind in the pages of Ultimate Comics The Ultimates. Esad Ribic portrays Bloodshot with guns blazing, for this series best cover yet and check out this November when he becomes the regular penciller for Marvel Now’s Thor : God Of Thunder.

The Cons

Not as great as Bloodshot’s blood soaked #1 & #2, but still a good enough to recommend

The Outcome

If you’re like me and you enjoy stories about hard core action, violence, blood, gore & high tech military intelligence, than strap yourself in, the bullet train is about to leave.

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