Aquaman #12

by lucstclair on September 02, 2012


As the secrets of Atlantis are closer to being revealed, Aquaman & Black Manta duke it out and another member of The Others falls!

The Team

Written by Geoff Johns (Green Lantern The New 52, Flashback, Brightest Day), illustrated by Ivan Reis (Green Lantern, Blackest Night, Brightest Day Vol. 1) & coloured by Rod Reis. Aquaman created by Paul Norris. Published by DC Comics

The Pros

If there’s one thing that makes this series captivating is the action, its non stop, in your face, good old fashioned heroes vs. villains in a violent dance of punches, kicks & stabbings. Mera comes to Arthur’s aid and proves that she’s not just some pretty face & a super hero’s wife, she’s one tough cookie. Black Manta’s is one hell of a tenacious villain with a brutality that would give The Punisher a run for his money, even with that goofy looking helmet. Regular illustrator Ivan Reis, keeps on dishing out his amazing drawings and looks as awesome as ever. Like Jim Lee, Reis loves his full page & two pages spreads. I’m very anxious for the next issue’s final battle with Black Manta, but we’ll have to wait an extra month because of October’s The New 52 #0 issues.

The Cons

A comic book run can’t survive on action alone and there is a story here, but unfortunately it’s starting to drag a little.

The Outcome

Despite my complaints, I still enjoy this title. I just wish the plot would be have a little bit more meat.

Our Score:


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