Super Crooks #4

by lucstclair on August 23, 2012

Johnny Bolt and his team of super crooks are minutes away from the biggest heist of their lives, but with Kasey held captive, does the Bastard hold all the cards?

The Team

Written by Mark Millar (The Authority, Wolverine : Old Man Logan, Superman : Red Son, Wanted) & Nacho Vigalondo, illustrated by Leinil Yu (New Avengers Vol. 7 : The Trust, Secret Invasion, Superman : Birthright, Superior), inked by Gerry Alanguilan & coloured by Sunny Gho. Published by Marvel/Icon & Millarworld

The Pros

They saved the best for last and this extra sized issue delivers in spades. On one side you have Johnny Bolt and his gang of misfits, on the other side the Bastard & his bodyguard Praetorian and in between & hanging in the balance is JB’s main squeeze Kasey. I won’t spoil the ending, but if you’ve seen enough heist movies like Ocean’s Eleven & The Score, than this issue’s ending won’t come too much as a surprise. Having said that, it doesn’t mean this isn’t a satisfying ending to a great mini-series. This finale throws a few curve balls at you and has some gruesome moments featuring Roddy and his limb growing brother walking through a corridor of lasers & more heads exploding than the movie Scanners. Writer Mark Millar wraps up another awesome mini series featuring villains vs. villains that would make the Sinister Six pee in their spandex and manages to give the players just enough character development within the space of 4 issues.


Illustrator Leinil Yu is unchained with his wild fight scenes, blood splattered panels & the Bastard’s cool looking treasure volt (love that space case) worthy of James Bond villains. I think Yu had actor Mark Strong in mind when he drew Gladiator, Millar will probably cast him in the movie adaptation since he had a role in the Kick-Ass film. And Jack Palance would’ve made a great Bastard if he was still alive today.

The Cons

This final issue took forever to come out (the last issue came out in May), as Millar & Yu have an annoying reputation for being late. Same thing happened with Superior. I’m not pissed, but it does bother me just a bit.

The Outcome

When it’s all said and done, Mark Millar delivers another awesome series and proved that the bad guys can win from time to time. Now hopefully Secret Service will be just as engrossing. This issue gets a rating of 9 and all 4 issues gets an 8 (click here for issue 1, 2 & 3). Also this issue features a little bonus, as Frank Quitely dazzles us with a sneak peek of some rough sketches of his upcoming collaboration with Millar entitled Jupiter’s Children. Enjoy.


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A Look Inside


ya i mostly agree with you. the last issue was the best or the cherry on the cake. and it was good overall.
i dont regret reading this series