Immortal Hulk #8

by lucstclair on November 07, 2018

Writer : Al Ewing
Artist : Joe Bennett
Publisher : Marvel

After an explosive defeat at the hands of the Avengers, the Hulk is sent to a secret facility known as Shadow Base where he is dissected and vivisected as his body parts are put into jars to be examined by scientists.

Yeesh, this series is living up to its promise as a horror title, as the terror is cranked up to 11. Seeing the Hulk’s body parts jarred and trying to wriggle free is something right out of a David Cronenberg movie, the image of the Hulk’s upside-down head as he tries to scream, but can’t because his lungs are in another jar will chill you to the bone. It’s like the creation of Frankenstein’s Monster, but in reverse, instead of body parts sewn together, the monster is already there, but his body parts are removed by would-be mad scientists. One scientist in particular, Dr. Clive, is trying to figure out how the Hulk keeps regenerating injury after injury, he even taunts the Hulk with cruel experiments that’ll he’ll eventually do to him in the long run. I won’t spoil Dr. Clive’s fate, but it ain’t pretty.

Meanwhile, Captain Marvel, with the assistance of Walter Langkowski, formerly Sasquatch and Jackie the reporter form Gamma Flight to try and track down the Hulk.

Joe Bennett’s art continues to impress me, as he draws new and horribly twisted ways for the Hulk to morph into Banner and vice versa. Shades of John Carpenter’s The Thing come to mind. This is and continues to be my favourite Marvel title, if you love the Hulk and the Horror genre, you owe to yourself to follow this series.

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