Green Lantern #12

by lucstclair on August 17, 2012

Hal & Sinestro battle a hoard of Black Hand’s zombies, as the Book of the Black makes its craziest prophecy yet.

The Team

Written by Geoff Johns (52, Green Lantern : Agent Orange, Aquaman), illustrated by Renato Guedes (Superman : Mon-El – Man Of Valor, Wolverine : Wolverine’s Revenge) & Jim Calafiore (Exiles : Ultimate Collection Book 1, Batgirl : Redemption) & coloured by Alex Sinclair. Published by DC Comics

The Pros

The Third Army is almost upon us as the Guardians do what they do best… plotting & scheming! It’s fun to watch Hal & Sinestro burn the walking dead in a green flamed zombiepocalypse. Writer Geoff Johns upcoming plots sounds intriguing, I just hope it’s not a repeat of Blackest Night. Illustrators Guedes & Calafiore do a fine job with the pencilling duties, but hopefully regular artist Doug Mahnke (Black Adam : The Dark Age, Final Crisis, Green Lantern : Brightest Day) will make his return.

The Cons

Another misleading cover as inside the comic, Hal & Sinestro have the upper hand against Black Hand.

The Outcome

An action heavy issue with a jaw dropping finale. Don’t miss this one Green Lantern fans! FYI : This story continues in 2012’s Green Lantern Annual #1 (out soon).


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