Amazing Spider-Man #691

by lucstclair on August 17, 2012

It’s the final chapter of “No Turning Back” as Spider-Man takes on the new & improved (and deadlier) Lizard!

The Team

Written by Dan Sloth (Avengers The Initiative : Disassemled, Siege : Mighty Avengers), illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli (John Constantine Hellblazer : Bloody Carnations, Fear Itself : Dracula) with Mario Del Pennino, inked by Klaus Janson (Batman : Gothic) with Daniel Green & coloured by Frank D’Armata. From Marvel Comics

The Pros

No Turning Back wraps up the current storyline and really packs a punch. I like the Lizard’s terrifying new look, he sort of resembles the Lizard from the Amazing Spider-Man movie. Coincidence? Probably not. The Lizard’s fate doesn’t come as a shock to long time Spider-Man readers, but definitely gives this classic villain some range for future issues. We also get some previews of a couple of familiar baddies that we will eventually be the focus in the near future., I never get tired of these sneak peeks. I have to hand it to writer Dan Slott, he took a classic Spidey villain and gave him a fresh perspective, while keeping a strong dose of fun in this always enjoyable monthly title.


With the help of Mario Del Pennino, Giuseppe Camuncoli’s new take on the Lizard’s new look is spot on. Curt Connor’s alter ego looks more like a lizard and less of DC’s Killer Croc. Frank D’Armata’s vigorous colours light up every panel, especially the fights between Spider-Man & the Lizard.

The Cons

Madame Web’s appearance is about as useless as an umbrella in the middle of a tornado. You could remove her character from this comic and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference.

The Outcome

This story arc had its ups & downs, but was for the most part, damn entertaining. This issue and its entire story arc, gets a rating of 7 stars.

Our Score:


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